Awaken The Moon, LLC

Awaken The Moon LLC is an apparel project started by Aaronn Richter. The dream is to create garments that inspire the wearer to be their true self. The project is currently broken down into 3 parts: 2300 (modern casual menswear), Beneath The Willow (Bridal), and our Services (custom garments and alterations). We have plans to create a lingerie division, and are open to product/fashion/portrait/boudoir photography.
The overarching idea behind Awaken The Moon is that the moon is this celestial body of beauty, grace, and strength. It shines its light and beauty in the dark of night, and the light of day. We believe that we are all beautiful, graceful, and strong. That we all have the ability to shine our light in confidence, no matter how dark the world is. Through fashion, photography, and art we hope to Awaken The Moon within you.
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